Love your horse, love nature.

The world's first natural hemp horse rug.

All rugs on sale for  a limited time only! Head to the store to purchase your hemp rug today.


Hemp summer side
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Flad rug 2
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Rain Sheet - Hemp Lined
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Rain sheet eating grass
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Fly veil no ears
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Flag rug 3
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Hemp is four times stronger than cotton alone giving you the benefits of natural fibres, with the hardiness of cotton/polyester blends


Hemp has more antibacterial properties than other fabrics. Hemp is the perfect choice for horses with skin conditions


Hemp requires less irrigation and no toxic chemicals to grow. It is biodegradable and recyclable so you can feel confident that your choice is sustainable

UV Resistant

Hemp is 95% UV resistant and stands up to the hottest of conditions

Moisture Repellent

The natural fabric wicks moisture away from the body

Irritation Free

Hemp fabric is very resistant to mould, mildew and rot

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