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The Natural Horse Rug Company was created in SydneyAustralia in 2018 out of the desire to create a sustainable and highly comfortable rug for our horses. The horse rug market is filled with high quality products, however the comfort of our horses seemed to be one of the last priorities on the list, second only to the environmental impact.

Our horses suffer from a common problem in Australia called Queensland Itch. We found that polyester/cotton rugs only seemed to make the problem worse and make our horses sweat terribly. We searched the market for a rug made from breathable, natural fibres and found few options. And the options that we did find, tore easily and were costly to replace. 

Hemp seemed to be the answer to our problems.

Not only is it environmentally friendly and strong, but it helped our horses recover and live in comfort. It is perfect for the Australian heat and keeps our horses cool. This is what we would like to impart on horse owners who love their horses as we do our own.

We are excited to offer an eco-friendly option to a market that is saturated with waste and set a new standard in sustainability.

We continue our journey to perfect our designs and

welcome your feedback!

Jasper rain sheet front.jpg

Meet Jasper. He loves to model our rugs in exchange for treats.

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