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  • Can I return or exchange my hemp rug?
    We are happy to accept returns or exchanges for our products if we are notified via email within 14 days of purchase. Please see our Store Policy page for more info.
  • Will your rugs rip?
    In short - yes. However, no rugs are given a no-rip guarantee. As horse owners, we know the perils of buying rugs. In saying that, hemp is an extremely tough fabric. Our summer combo has similar strength properties to that of counterpart cotton/polyester blends. Our flag rug is designed for occassional wear and is not recommended for every day paddock use as it is made from a thinner fabric (175gsm).
  • Are your rugs biodegradable?
    Our hemp summer combo and flag rugs are primarily biodegradable and recyclable. The staps on these rugs are not as they are made from a tougher polyester blend to keep your horse safe. Our rain sheet has a biodegradable hemp/cotton inner lining with a polyester outer shell that is not biodegradable. Unfortunately, we have not yet come up with a weatherproof solution in our hemp fabrics but we hope to change this in the future! Our fly veils outer fabric is made from 100% hemp which is biodegradable. The eye pieces are however made from a polyester mesh to ensure that your horse can see clearly.
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